Staying in Manhattan? Interested in a little fright-seeing on your trip? Look no further! Our Concierge will be happy to show you all of the shocking and scary sights that the West Village has to offer. The Concierge will share chilling accounts of extraordinary encounters with the beyond, including a pesky poltergeist who likes to play with fire and a dead speakeasy owner who’s not ready to let go of her enterprise. From creepy cafés to spooked stages to haunted hotels, we’ll make sure that you find all of the eerie entertainment in our neighborhood.

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  • The Concierge
    The ConciergeName Unknown

    Join the Concierge as he welcome you to New York! The bellhop’s taken your bags up to Room 666, and the now it’s time for you to find something to do. Our Concierge is an expert on the West Village, and can certainly direct you to a location of interest. If you’d like an old fashioned Manhattan watering hole, consider The White Horse Tavern, where, if you’re lucky, the late poet Dylan Thomas may buy you a round of drinks. Or, if you’re interested in the arts, the Cherry Lane Theater has its fair share of permanent spectral residents. And we’re so confident that you’ll enjoy your stay with us that we don’t mind showing off the competition at the Jane Hotel, where distressed, deceased sailors share your quarters. Prepare for the rest of your life.

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