Got a great ghost story you share over drinks? Come meet Frankie, our bartending guide, as she leads you through some of the East Village’s most famous haunts. Find a hidden cemetery whose ghosts have wandered into the hotel next door. Visit a Soviet-themed bar whose previous owner, a famed New York mobster, still keeps an eye on things. See where Harry Houdini, world famous escape artist, left his handcuffs (and maybe much more).
In the East Village, you’ll find ghost trains on the Subway, apparitions of jazz legends in Tompkins Square Park, and Edgar Allen Poe’s final drinking place. Join us for an evening of spooks and stories as Frankie shows you the souls of the lower East side.

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  • The Bartender
    The BartenderFrankie

    Meet Frankie, a popular East Village bartender. She knows all of the ins and outs of her neck of the woods, and she can tell a story to chill you to the bone. Some have called her sense of style “Goth,” but Frankie prefers to think of herself as your average, ordinary disciple of darkness. She’s a big fan of jazz, and especially enjoys listening to jazz players who don’t let death stop them from improvising a saxophone solo. And after a graveyard shift, Frankie’s hopped on the subway at Astor Place, only to find herself on a ghost train. She’ll pour you a double, and let’s hope you have a strong stomach.

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