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On a Haunted Manhattan tour, a secret underworld of ghosts and ghouls reveals itself as you’re guided through the streets of Greenwich Village by creepy characters who are experts on New York City’s outrageously spooky after-life. From the ghost train at the Astor Place subway stop to dead poets at the White Horse Tavern, you’ll see the landmarks that make up the heart of this city and the spirits that call them home.

A historical, hilarious and completely hair-raising experience, Haunted  Manhattan will show you the greatest city there is like you’ve never seen it before.

Start your walking tour in New York City’s East Village, West Village, or Greenwich Village. Each trip visits 13 exciting locations.

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Our Tours

East Village

Most New Yorkers don’t think twice before descending into the subway system. But some who have gone into the Astor Place station say they’re lucky to make it out. Find out why over a drink with our bartender, Frankie.

West Village

The West Village is home to many of Manhattan’s most beautiful apartments… And, as our Concierge will tell you, some of those apartments are home to many of Manhattan’s most tenacious residents.

Greenwich Village

The Washington Arch commemorated the centennial of George Washington’s inauguration. But Professor Mortimer will enlighten you as to why construction was delayed… And what lies beneath.

Our Tour Guides

In the East Village, there’s Frankie, a bartender who’s used to dealing with patrons who just don’t want to heed Last Call. In the West Village, our Concierge will make sure that you’re resting in peace. And, of course, no one knows more about Greenwich Village than Professor Mortimer, though some students say his lectures are torture.

Join us for all of them, if you dare.

No one escapes being haunted by something that absolutely terrifies them to the core, but very few feel it’s okay to admit what it is that haunts us.



How do we book a tour?

Look for the big red button in the upper right corner, or the buttons on the individual tour pages, which will take you to our booking site.

Do you provide private tours?

Yes, contact us at info@hauntedmanhattan.com to make arrangements for this.

Can we bring our pets?

Although we do love animals, for the safety of our guests and guides, we ask that you leave your furry ones at home. If you really need the company of a pet, may we suggest the Greenwich Village tour where you might just have the ex-President’s dog tag along through the park.

When and where do Haunted Manhattan tours begin?

Haunted Manhattan tours run 7 days a week, but not all tours are available each day. Each neighborhood tour meets at a separate location. For the Greenwich Village tour, groups meet at the corner of MacDougal Street and Washington Square West (the Southwest corner of Washington Square Park). For the West Village tour, groups meet at the corner of Waverly Place and MacDougal Street (the Northwest corner of Washington Square Park). Lastly, for the East Village tour, groups meet outside of the Astor Place subway station (intersection of East 8th Street, Lafayette Street, and Astor Place).

Are Haunted Manhattan tours appropriate for children and families?

Absolutely, however, due to he nature of the tours, we suggest that you use common sense with which tour you select. Each tour is open to everyone but we have found the West Village tour to be the most family friendly.

How long do Haunted Manhattan tours last?

Haunted Manhattan tours are approximately ninety minutes in duration, depending on traffic and the size of the group. The distance varies and are approximately: Greenwich Village tour – 1.75 miles; West Village tour – 2.25 miles, and the East Village tour is 2.75 miles.

What should we wear?

Please dress for the weather! The tours are conducted rain or shine, hot or cold. Comfortable clothing and sneakers are recommended.

What terrified me will terrify others; and I need only describe the spectre which had haunted my midnight pillow.


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